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No ios12 support.. last update years ago. Was top in its class. Pity.

Crashing in IOS 12

Good app for Tumblr (though it doesn’t do video). However, it won’t open since updating to IOS 12. And it doesn’t look like it’s been updated in years. So, you must choose: TumbleOn or IOS 12.


I have no ideas how to contact anyone so I’ll us this platform to let the developers know that tumblr HD crashes every time and I can’t use it. Never did this before.

THE BEST!!!!!!!!

This is absolutely and without a doubt the BEST way to view your Tumblr Dashboard. The only regret that I have is that it is not available on Android based devices as well.

Love Tumbleon

Been using this app for a couple of years and really like it. Easy to use and view the millions of pics available.

Best Tumblr slideshow app

There are a few issues or perhaps wishlist features, i.e. I would love to be able to interact (like/reblog/back) with images during the slideshow or be able to browse the most recent slideshow cache upon "exit slideshow", but except for this app I would retire my last old ipad2.

Photos only

Like many things about this app, except it doesn't present video, and there's no way to sort using the very slick "statistics" feature.

Beautiful Photo Blog

TumbleOn enhances the very good Tumblr blog. I'd give it a 5 if it allowed you to return to a blog you've linked out of.

Nope, just nope.

Get all the way through buying and starting and fully logging in to Tumblr before you are told that it will post on your behalf and it wants access to your data. Nope. I want my money back.

Works Great

Super app. Superior to the Tumblr one. I like the security feature. My only suggestion is the ability to load videos.

Sorry I bought it. Never use it.

I can't do all the things on it I can do with Tumblr. It neither enhancd the experience nor made it easier.

Cluttered and intrusive interface can't be dismissed

Sadly this app is so distracted by its own advanced features it fails to get the simplest function correct, viewing images. It's cluttered and intrusive interface can never be dismissed. All I want is a full-screen view of new images from all blogs on which I can swipe left or right to see the next or previous image, and this app doesn't offer it. Slideshow mode locks you into a timed show with no forward and back controls, rendering the only available full-screen view mode, rigid and useless. I paid for this app and never use it. I keep checking back hoping for a useful full screen mode. So far not yet. If you want Advanced features they are all here. But if all you want is to look at images this app does not satisfy. A shame.

No video

Great app except you can't view videos.


You can only view a handful of photos. Tumblr limits 3rd party apps!

So so

The app is useful, but interface is ugly. You can't see photos in full screen mode on a black background, you can't rotate the screen, you can't close photo by dragging down (which is a standard in many apps already). Left panel on iPad is always partially visible, which is annoying.

Can't View "likes"

I cannot scroll through my 'likes' beyond about 30 photos . . . . Why?

Deal breaker though...

I love this app and in theory, is exactly what I need...BUT because there is no back button feature it is barely usable. For me at least. It makes me sad because I really do like it a lot but it's such an inconvenience not being able to go back to the page you were on that it outweighs whats good about the app. Especially when I am hopping from blog to blog. Please please please add this feature. It would also be so amazing if there were more ways to discover new blogs. Also, can you update the list of staff picks because that list is really old. It would be cool if you added new trending blogs on a regular basis. discovering new blogs on tumblr Is half the fun. Thank you. Love you. Please help. 🤗

What can't I view all of my "Likes"?

I love the app, it's fabulous, makes it easy to view the pictures from my saved blogs. There are only 2 areas that need improvement. 1) It will not allow me to scroll through all of my saved LIKES. After about 30 or so pictures instead of it continuing on in my picture liked list it starts to repeat liked pictures that have already been seen and will not move forward in my list......2) If I leave the app the next time that I go into it instead of it allowing me to view pictures from where I left off it kicks me back to the very beginning and forces me to start over viewing pictures I have already seen. Both of those mentioned situation are very annoying and pretty much makes me just leave the app. Updating those items would greatly improve my picture viewing experience and also compel me to use the app more often.

Why did I wait so long

This easy to use app is amazing. I rate it 4 stars only because I would like it to have a way to close blogs when you open them while viewing another blog, so you return to the blog you were viewing previously.

Broken in iOS9

Several things cause the app to crash such as saving images. Also this app still doesn't support video or writing posts at all. So it's ok for viewing picture feeds and loving images, anything past that and you should just use the main Tumblr app.



Love how it organizes my groups

Great app with grouping and viewing the many blogs you are a member of. Would like to see the app take advantage of switching between landscape and portrait.

Beautifully done

This app makes it so easy to browse your dashboard.

The best picture blog site out there

My title says it all. This site will keep you entertained for hours! Well at least until you reach your maximum blogs for the day. I have a fix for that too. Make sure you reach your max at around midnight after midnight your blogs rest!

Great site

Love this app. Makes viewing & posting super easy....very fun to use!!!!

Tumblr Viewer

Absolutely the best app for viewing Tumblr!

Useless for me

I bought this app mainly to view my 600 or so liked photos in a thumbnail layout. The website states a 1000 api limitation, however, I can only access maybe 200 photos. This makes the purchase worthless for my needs. Also, I saw it mentioned nowhere that only landscape is supported, making one handed browsing awkward on my iPad mini. I would not have purchased if these issues were disclosed and I can't find a way to contact the developers to inquire. Very disappointing

Fast -but...

Very fast to load pics, some advantages like being able to bookmark, save, follow and more just from pressing the name of the feed you want to follow. Bad is no way to flip in to portrait view. Bad is the pictures are not filling the screen or tile when viewed (in the feed's stream the thumbs are filled, when you select a thumb to view the image it is not filling the screen as is the default with tumblr's viewer. Those two "bads" are the two stars missing from a five star review. Easy fixes as well and hoping to see them soon before removing the app.

Love this app.

I've used many photo blog apps in the past. But Tumblr HD, is truly amazing and intuitive. Easy to use. And it does not crash. Ever! That alone is worth a look.


It's great!


Love it - you will not be disappointed

Advantages over Tumblr

Bookmarks and not having to scroll through one posting at a time make it my go to viewer

Very Useful App But One Gripe

I really like this app. I'm very specific about the sort of pictures I favorite (high fashion) and this app allows me to view these pictures similar to the way I view various accounts on my FlickStackr app. I just wish that I could view them in random order when viewing in slideshow mode. Outside of that, I really like this app.

Good app. Worthwhile.

The missing interface for Tumblr! This is a great app. It's easy to see the most recent postings. However, very hard to go back in time -- you have to view every photo with no ability to skip to earlier posts. To go back months or years takes forever. Other than that, great functionality and controls.

GIFs and Sets

Gifs and Sets are not running you have to open them and you are not able to save second picture from set. Native tumblr is bette but missing groups.

In the running for worst app.

I'm kinda sad I paid money for this app. It's pretty much non functional. No easy way to search blogs, no easy way to see likes and reblogs from an image. All the things you want from tumblr are not here. Enjoy my $1.99 a holes.

Still my fave, but needs an update

Needs a stability update. Used to be my favorite tumblr app.


Until an update is issued, TumbleOn just became a #HardPass...

Don't download.

Where's the support? Needs update. Pictures stop loading when using. C'mon in fix already.

Features work SOMETIMES

Used to be a great app. Now i can't get my list of followed blogs and my dashboard won't load. Photo saving is a pain now as well.


Excellent image viewer for Tumblr, and great for exploring new blogs.

It's ok, but just barely

Don't get me wrong, there are some things I like about tumbleOn, but I find it hard to navigate to other tumblers.


Like it :)

Tag lookup broke

Tag lookup doesn't work for certain search terms now.

I don't want update new version

Because vesion 3.5.5 is perfect on click(5/5 star). In new vesion (first time update) my test not best between 3.5.5 ^_^

Fix the slideshow!

Love using the slideshow feature to Airplay to my AppleTV with music from my Mac, but timer needs to be in 5 second increments, not 5, 10, 30, and so on. Also, there is a glitch which makes the slide speed inconsistent - many times a picture or gif will get skipped or flash for a brief second. If these get fixed I would rate it higher.

What the hell happen?

where is the save to camera button?

New update makes the app feel prehistoric

This app was the best! The new update is kinda crappy. It used to be very easy to save a picture to your camera roll now it takes like 3 steps to be able to do so. Makes the app very unreliable if you like collecting pictures. I wish I had never updated it. It is one of my favourite apps.

Waste of time!

I can't believe I wasted the money Ion this app. It doesn't enhance the Tumblr experience; it limits it! This is garbage and needs serious work to compete others. Thumbs down!

Best tumblr app around

Used this for a few months, and it's easily my favored tumblr client. Only problems are: 1) tumblr only allows up to 300 posts to display on the dashboard (not this app's problem) 2) while you can clearly see what's new within each blog individually, you cannot see that as a whole on the dashboard (I'd love it if they could add this) 3) while you can save photos to the camera roll, gifs do not seem to properly save. Looks like this broke with the upgrade to ios7, as the old versions did very well. I would still very much recommend the app! Worth the cost!

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